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Pia Mia (Single)

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Family time at the Zoo! 

Here is a picture of Paloma and her aunt Mia at the Cushing Zoo in Guam.

Flower Girl!

Paloma at her aunt's wedding day! 

Christmas Show Outfit!

December 12th 2012 

Here is a picture of Paloma before her Christmas show! 

It's this outfit the cutest?! <3

Picture credit to Mia Perez

Have A Happy 7th Birthday Paloma! xoxo

December 18th 2012

Paloma's 7th Birthday!

We wish her the best birthday and Christmas in the whole wide world! 

And Glod bless this little cutie, a gif from Heaven!

We want to make her a gif!  

Tweet me @PiaPods if you want to participate!

The ballerina Corpse Bride!

October 31th 2012

This year Paloma's Halloween costumes is the Corpse Bride with a ballerina twist!

Who ever did Paloma's makeup pulled it off very well! She looks soo much like the Corpse Bride but more sweet & elegant.

What are your thoughts about Paloma's Halloween costume?

Picture credit to Kandis Rae